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Our Story

The idea of Viveur was born holding a pair of glasses bought in a vintage fair: we forgot of everything else and started to fantasize about the former owner of the glasses, and we started to dream to create modern-revisited old-fashion-style sunglasses.

So pur desire to create a brand of sunglasses which could reflect a style refined and dedicated to the pleasures of life: that moments of detachments from the ordinary frenzy, which allows you to be yourself and find your smile again, even in a simple chat with some friends. Thus the name Viveur, who lives the worldliness.

Everyone need to live what surrounds him to draw inspiration and ideas, in order to enrich his life and receive new challenges. But our viveur doesn't only live the worldliness, but he is the one who takes himself some moments during the day to dedicate to himself, to taste even the small things with style and fancy.

Viveur are for everyone, and they express the right mix of vintage-inspired elegance and street style, giving everyone the possibility, with the variety of shapes and colors, to best express his personality and his idea of viveur.

The style and the refinement of Viveur are visible from their genesis: material and production are 100% made in Italy, hand-made in an excellent manufactory, boasting the best technologies available.

Our plates are made from Mazzuccheli of Varese, historic factory and world leader in producing plates of cellulose acetate (a natural material that comes from cotton fiber, totally hypoallergenic and the best for technical and styling features).

Our lenses guarantee, and them will always do, the best protection for your eyes due to the high quality materials and sun filters.